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Expansion of the Always Events® Community
through the Recognition Program

Always Events® are a national organizing principle for improving the delivery of patient-and family-centered care. In contrast to the well known “Never Events” that refer to incidents that should never happen in the delivery of care, patient-focused Always Events® are aspects of the patient and family experience that should always occur when patients interact with health care professionals and the delivery system.

Always Events® are the provider actions/practices that create an Always Experience® for patients/families. For example, an Always Experience® could be that patients and family are treated with courtesy and respect as measured by CAHPS, and some of the Always Events® contributing to that experience could include verifiable behaviors such as introductions, use of the patient’s preferred name, and knocking before entering the patient’s room.

The Always Events® grantees have done much to advance patient-centered care through the eyes of the patient, but there are many more than forty organizations that have made great strides in elevating the optimal patient experience. The Always Events® Recognition Program enables any organization that has implemented a program meeting the Always Events® criteria to register their program and join the Always Events® community.

Congratulations to the Following Recognized Always Events®:

Always Events Recognition Program Application


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