UMass Memorial: Home Medication Education and Support (HOMES)

Home Medication Education and Support (HOMES): A Resident Module on Home Care in Children

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Principal Investigator: Kathleen E. Walsh, MD, MSc, Professor of Pediatrics

Always Events®: Residents will always communicate with the patient and their family/caregivers, the reason for each medication, instructions on how to administer each medication, and provide an opportunity for questions.

Overview:This study addressed the challenges that families face, when caring for chronically ill children, by training new physicians to be sensitive and responsive to parents needs and to proactively provide parents with the support need to successfully care for children with chronic conditions at home. The overarching goal was to develop a curriculum to give residents the knowledge and clinical skills needed to support safe home medication use for children and families in their practice. The curriculum was implemented within three pediatric resident rotations: primary care clinic, inpatient wards, and hematology/oncology. Incorporating photos and testimonials from my home visits, the curriculum included two didactic power point talks, one web-based module, a resident-parent communication tool that will encourage residents to take what they have learned into their clinical encounters, experience teaching parents to give medications, and a “prescribing” Always Event®.

HOMES Conversation Guide for Doctors

Conversation Guide for Parents of Children with Cancer to Use at Doctor Visits

HoMeS- Home Medication Support Powerpoint


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