Always Events: Dartmouth-Hitchcock

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Principal Investigator(s): Jonathan T. Huntington, MD, PhD & Sandra G. Dickau, RN, MS
Project Title: Implementation of a set of Always Events that will increase communication

Always Event(s):
Always communicate with, inform and respect the patient through the following behaviors in every patient/family encounter:
• Introducing yourself and describing the reason you are there at each encounter
• Addressing and referring to patients by the name that they choose; not by their disease
• Displaying your name badge at all times
• Treating those whom you serve with the same respect you would wish them to show you
• Encouraging patients and families involvement in decision making
• Welcoming and being respectful to those defined by the patient as “family”

Overview: Develop and implement a educational practice intervention and improvement program to promote and evaluate the competency of frontline clinical nurses with a set of observable and behavioral Always Events. Intervention is based on experiential learning provided with simulation and fully integrating Patient Family Advisors who will serve as Standardized Patients in a clinical scenario. The efforts will build from a foundation of pre-existing resources and educational infrastructure. Specific Aims include: To operationally define measurable behaviors that demonstrate competence in specific PFCC Always Events involving communication. To Enhance a nationally recognized experiential education program targeting recently hired nurses to create immersive learning experiences utilizing SPs that will serve as a pilot for the evaluation and practice of these Always Events. To provide education to SPs regarding the importance of these behaviors and how to provide targeted feedback to learners. To Develop a novel evaluation method to measure the effects of this intervention on the clinical practice of recently hired nurses.


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