Always Events: MGH

Massachusetts General Hospital
Principal Investigator: Gaurdia Banister, RN, PhD
Project Title: Always Know Your Caregiver/Always Responsive

Always Event(s): Ensure that our patients always know who is in charge of their care, and that providers are always responsive to the needs of our patients and their families and that our patients always get help when they need it.

Overview: The strategy that will be adopted will be a multi-factorial one, and will consist of a variety of approaches and tactics. These strategies will be piloted on a single, or a small number of homogeneous patient care unit(s) – using a similar unit(s) as a control. The specific strategies will be developed and deployed by staff, adjusted as they are deployed and then rolled out to the entire organization over the balance of the year remaining. It is expected that these strategies will be overseen and directed by the existing Communication and Responsiveness Council that reports to the Patient Care Services Committee – and will be influenced by the newly formed centralized Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Strategies will include but will not be limited to: 1) A variety of rounding strategies to support and model the importance of timely responses to patients’ needs and their requests, 2) The production of a video that will welcome the patient and their family to the MGH, explain the environment, introduce the team that will be taking care of them and explain what they can expect in terms of our commitment to their care and well being, 3) The use of “face sheets” — The sheet describes who is taking care of them, what their role is on the team and what they should expect from them. The face sheet contains actual photographs, names and pager numbers and descriptions of each team members roles and responsibilities, 4) White boards – in each patient room that detail who is taking care of the patient, their nurse, their doctor and other pertinent information that might help the patient better communicate with the right people, 5) Communication Boards – similar to the boards for patient rooms but designed for the nurse’s stations to communicate the monthly, quarterly and year to date patient satisfaction scores – especially “Staff Responsiveness.”

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