Always Events: UPMC — Care Team Twittering

Organization/Institution: PFCC Innovation Center at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Principal Investigator(s): Anthony M. DiGioia, III, M.D.
Project Title: Trauma Team Texting and Guardian Angels

Always Event(s):

  • Always let the patient be the center of the care team… Care Team Twittering
  • Always keep patients and family members informed… “Guardian Angels”
  • Always know the discharge plan and beyond… Transitions in Care Experiences

Overview: Trauma Services and the Transplant Programs at UPMC have incorporated the PFCC Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P) in their care delivery approach. The PFCC M/P approach enables Care Givers to deliver truly exceptional care experiences by refocusing existing resources through a six step process that brings patients and families directly into co-designing care delivery improvement. PFCC M/P will serve as the means by which the 2 always events will be incorporated, monitored, evaluated, disseminated, and accelerated locally and nationally so that accurate communication takes place in real time and transitions in care are seamless.

Guardian Angel Brochure

 Transplant Guardian Angel PickUp Sheet (Blank)

Transplant Guardian Angel Handoff Report (Blank)

Angel Hand- OFF Sheet Info


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