Alameda County Medical Center: Patient Care Technicians Program


Patient Care Technicians Program

Always Event: Always ensure that there is a member of the staff responsible for responding to call lights and rounding on patients to ensure all patients basic care and comfort needs are managed.

Patients have identified responsiveness to their needs while hospitalized as fundamental to their care as evidenced by the fact that the Responsiveness domain of HCAHPS is one of the most hightly correlated to patients’ overall perceptions of their care experience.

Alameda County Medical Center built the Patient Care Technicians program based on several evidence based practices proven to impact patient perceptions of communication and responsiveness including, hourly rounding, AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank you), and the 4Ps (pain, positioning, possessions, potty) model. By combining these program with a clear definition of the role of the Patient Care Technician, a few newly developed rounding elements (AIDET, the 4 Ps, Comfort and Hygiene Needs, Expectations and contact regarding when the PCT will return and how to reach them if needed, and Vital Signs) and a checklist for managing the process, Alameda County Medical Center was able to enhance and accelerate the effectiveness that these proven evidence based practices would have when used in isolation.

Alameda County Medical Center Rounding Checklist


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