San Mateo: Seamless Care Team Communication


Seamless Care Team Communication

Always Event: Always have seamless communication between members of the nursing team so all nurses on a unit are informed of the status of each patient, enabling them to support each other effectively and to address patient needs and concerns quickly and efficiently.

A large body of research demonstrates the link between patient experience, communication, and care transitions. After identifying the gaps above, San Mateo Medical Center created solutions based on staff input and evidence-based practices to improve both the work environment and the experience for patients and staff.

San Mateo Medical Center brought together a team of staff members to implement interventions to address the gaps they identified during the gap analysis, four elements of the program have been implemented to bring the Always Event to life, these include:

  1. Lightening Shift Huddles: At the beginning of each shift, the nursing staff “huddles” together for five minutes to review the patient situation for the day.
  2. Hellos and Good-Byes: At the beginning of each shift, following the huddles, nurses make rounds to say hello to their patients. At this time the nurse fills out the patients white board in their room, with the days information.
  3. Communication Binder: The binders are used to communicate new policies, procedures, and other unit activities to staff.
  4. Staff Events to Build Team and Relationships: A volunteer group of staff develop, promote and coordinate team building events. These events helpd to build team work.

Lightening Huddle Checklist


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