Methodist Hospital: Commit To Sit

Radiology Committ to Sit Program

Radiology Commit to Sit Program

Radiology Commit to Sit Program

Always Event: The Radiology Commit to Sit program is an innovative program that encourages radiology professionals to communicate with patients in a way that demonstrates compassion, respect, empathy and competence in order to foster a trusting relationship. By sitting eye-to-eye with patients at the initial contact and spending time engaging in open dialogue and active listening, patients will communicate critical information such as allergies, past radiology experiences, feelings of anxiety, fear or claustrophobia as well as important past medical history such as pacemaker placement or difficulty lying flat.

High-quality communication between patients and health care provider is essential in establishing a therapeutic relationship, because it can improve the quality of the information obtained during the medical interview and ultimately improve patient care. The benefits of effective communication in patient- and family-centered care are associated with improved outcomes, greater compliance with therapy, increased patient satisfaction, and greater efficiency of care. Patients will require less pain and sedative medications as they become more comfortable and less anxious with their radiology experience.



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