Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center: Sacred Moment

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Sacred Moment

Always Event: Always build relationship between patient and staff upon admission to an inpatient unit by establishing a sacred moment. The Sacred Moment fundamentally changes the way patients are greeted upon arrival to an inpatient unit. Whereas the traditional intake process focused solely on validating patient demographics, obtaining proof of insurance, or confirming the existence of a living will, the Sacred Moment seeks to humanize the care experience. The new standard creates a lasting first impression by getting to know patients as people – identifying their preferences, fears, concerns, and most importantly what the care team can do to ease their journey.

Elements of ‘The Sacred Moment’: Twin Rivers brought together a team of staff members to implement interventions to address the gaps they identified during the gap analysis.

The guiding principles of the Sacred Moment include:
1) Build a Connection (e.g., How can we help ease your journey? What are your greatest fears / concerns?)
2) Understand Immediate Nutritional Needs (e.g., When was the last time you ate?)Capture Relevant Point of Contact Information (e.g., Is there anyone we can contact for you?)
3) Address Spiritual Needs (e.g., Do you have any immediate spirituality needs?)
4) Capture Comfort Preferences (e.g., What are your temperature preferences, hot vs. cold?)

Measures: Patient Satisfaction, Unit Supervisor Audit Sheet

The Process: When a new patient is assigned to the floor, a unit supervisor or available nurse completes the Sacred Moment. In the event that nurses are unavailable, a call goes out to the all hospital Directors, who-ever is available at that moment – proceeds to the floor to welcome the patient/family and complete the Sacred Moment.

Once the Sacred Moment is complete, the attending staff member completes the attached tool-kit and provides the record for staff and physician review. Because we are more informed of the patient preferences, the care team can quickly align to deliver a high quality experience that accounts for patient/family preferences. Measure: Chart Audit

Sacred Moment Tool-Kit



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