Always Events: St. Jude — Parent Mentor Program

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Project Title:
Parent Mentor Program
Principal Investigator: Kathryn Berry Carter

Always Event(s): The Always Event is proposed as having four goals: 1) to offer each newly diagnosed family at St. Jude a trained parent-mentor, offering support and encouragement throughout the trajectory of the child’s treatment including the transition into survivorship or bereavement, 2) to provide the family the opportunity of acceptance, while facilitating coping mechanisms and hope, 3) empowering providers and the family as a partner and in their communication with St. Jude staff in their child’s treatment, and 4) providing a resource of services offered by St. Jude and the community. 

Overview: This Always Event proposal is the development and implementation of a parent‐mentoring program at St. Jude. During the first year the team will: 1) outline the position description, recruit and train 3‐10 parent mentors with an interdisciplinary team of chaplains, social workers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, and members of the FAC and Family Centered‐Care Program, 2) formulate a program marketing plan to offer the Always Event to parents, 3) establish a communication process between mentors and parents, 4) create a formal documentation process, 5) establish the feedback process to interdisciplinary team including debriefing and support, 6) implement evaluation measurements, 7) assess the feasibility of program expansion within other clinics. A parent mentoring implementation team (PMIT) will be formed to assess the outlined steps and to offer feedback as the program is implemented. The PMIT will consist of members of the described interdisciplinary staff.

Parent Mentor Program PowerPoint Overview

Recruitment and Screening of Mentors

Mentor Training Overview

PAIR Mentor Outline of Responsibility

Mentor Matching

Overview of Content of Mentoring Sessions

Mentor Evaluation Form


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