Vanderbilt Falls Prevention- Always Events

Effective Communication and Collaboration with Patients and Families for Falls Prevention

Principal Investigator: Terrell Smith, MSN, RN

Always Event: Patients and families will always receive information and education to facilitate autonomy, self-care and health promotion. This communication strategy educates patients as to how they can partner with the health care team to prevent a fall during their stay.

Overview: This study will evaluate the effectiveness of adding patient and family engagement strategies across a multi-linguistic, automated delivery platform to reduce falls in hospitalized patients. A generic falls video will be produced that is appropriate to be shown in hospitals across the country. This video will be translated into Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish and Somali. Two pilot units will be selected for this additional falls prevention information. The other adult units will serve as control units giving out the falls prevention information currently in use. The nurses on the pilot units will be given information and coaching on the TV system pilot and ask to encourage their patients to watch the video. A message will be pushed out asking the patient/family to watch the video. The interactive TV system will track number of times the video is watched on each unit/month. The number of falls will be tracked per unit by the SciHealth system.

Fall Prevention Handout- English

Fall Prevention Handout- Spanish

Fall Prevention Handout- Somali

Fall Prevention Handout- Arabic

Fall Prevention Handout- Badinani



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