Children’s National Medical Center- Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Children’s National Medical Center

Principal Investigator: Dale Coddington, MD, MA

Project Title: Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs: An Online Medical Home Professionalism Curriculum for Pediatric Residents

Objective: This initiative is an experiential and online curriculum to help pediatric residents acquire the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to deliver effective, patient‐centered care to children with special health care needs. This initiative will utilize direct experience in care delivery, individual and collective reflections, and collaboration with a broad health care and community team, all in the setting of residency continuity clinic experience. A component of this initiative is for residents to engage in reflective blogging with feedback from faculty and peers as an innovative method to learn professionalism in the context of caring for children with special healthcare needs in resident continuity clinics. The Always Event will be that, at the close of each clinical encounter, the physician and patient/family agree on next steps and on the specific responsibilities of the physician and the patient/family.

What is reflective blogging?

Pre-test Experience Survey

Modules: Caring with Children with Special Health Care Needs



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