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Family Feedback Always! (FFA)
Principal Investigator:
Aditee Narayan, MD, MPH, FAAP

The goal of Family Feedback ALWAYS! is to develop and assess a pilot program that will enhance communication strategies used by pediatric residents. The program will allow residents to gather meaningful insights and feedback from families they serve in the continuity clinic experience. The program will focus on providing residents with the resources, education and skills to implement the core components of a patient-centered medical home during a 0-2 year old well-child visit. The patient-centered medical home is an approach to providing comprehensive, continuous healthcare that is based on the foundation of a personal relationship between a patient and their family, their physician, and members of a care team. It is facilitated through mutual trust and partnerships that enable bidirectional communication. In turn, critical to this partnership is the physician’s effectiveness in eliciting feedback from patients/families as to the quality of their interactions—this information guides practice improvement as a PCMH.

The following are the specific project aims of FFA!:

• Develop competency-based curriculum materials to enable pediatric residents in the process of eliciting family feedback about their effectiveness in practicing the principals of the PCMH.
• Identify and/or develop measures of effectiveness of resident communication with families.
• Compare the quality and effectiveness of residents eliciting family feedback regarding the quality of their use of PCMH principles before and after utilizing the FFA! curriculum, based on parent/caregiver and self assessments.
• Disseminate curriculum materials and pilot project outcomes to pediatric training programs and other relevant audiences.

Family Feedback Always! (FFA) Project Overview


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