Always Events: Health Care For All

Organization: Health Care For All
Principal Investigator: Deborah Wachenheim

Project Title:
Patients and Families Improving Hospital Discharge

Always Event(s): This initiative will create, in partnership with the PFACs and STAAR teams at Massachusetts hospitals, a discharge process that consistently and meaningfully engages patients (and their caregivers) in identifying the patient’s needs at home. It is consistent with the criteria for selection of an Always Event and is closely aligned with the principles of the Picker Institute.

Overview: Health Care for All (HCFA) has joined together with the Massachusetts Coalition for thePrevention of Medical Errors (MA Coalition) to bring the patient and family voice into improving the hospital discharge process in order to decrease preventable readmissions and improve health and quality of life post-discharge. The project will result in a process where those being discharged (and their caregivers) and those managing the discharge have a full and shared understanding of the patients’ needs, abilities and access to assistance post-discharge. As a result, the capacity of Massachusetts’ hospitals to listen to consumers will increase, as will the level of consumer engagement with hospitals as they work together to design a consumer-centered discharge process.

 Healthcare for All Resources

Massachusetts Coalition Strategies for Improvement


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