Always Events: Exempla St. Joseph Hospital

Organization/Institution: Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation
Principal Investigator(s): Wendy Rockey
Project Title: Comfort & Pain Relief Menu 

Always Event(s): Patients will ALWAYS be offered every option and/or combination of options for pain control and comfort. Nurses will ALWAYS have a more comprehensive conversation about pain & comfort with every patient.

Overview: This proposal is to create and implement, as an Always Event, a “Comfort & Pain Relief Menu” to be offered with every pain/comfort assessment. This will include a broad list of pain relief and comfort measures for caregiver and patient to discuss together so they can create a comprehensive pain & comfort plan. The hope with this grant is to create a color, picture-aided, patient-friendly tool (resembling a restaurant menu), which will offer a widely comprehensive list of options on the menu, including: pharmacologic options, medication-combination options and/or a visit from the pain nurse, heat/cool therapies, positioning and movement, distraction, music and/or massage. In addition, comfort items like sleeping eye masks, neck pillows, warm blankets, aromatherapy, or ear plugs would be offered.

Click HERE to view the Comfort and Pain Relief Menu.




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