Always Events: Quality Partners

Organization/Institution: Quality Partners of Rhode Island
Principal Investigator: Stefan Gravenstein, MD, MPH
Project Title: Enhancing medication safety through PictureRx

Always Event(s): The family-patient team will always receive medication education using the teach-back method and then prior to discharge the patient will receive a visual medication schedule. (nursing home discharge communication)

Overview: Quality Partners will select up to five nursing homes currently participating in its Safe Care Transitions Project. The selected homes will have active involvement in the Safe Care Transitions Project and access to the appropriate technology. Quality Partners will partner with PictureRx, LLC for the use of the PictureRx software which results in a VMS. The VMS uses pictures to explain what medications the resident is taking, how to take it and why. In clinical trials patients felt the card helped them control their medications. The software will be installed in up to five participating nursing homes. Quality Partners associates will be trained with the nursing home staff on the use of the software. Additionally, Quality Partners staff will provided education on teach-back methodology that will be used to educate the patient and their family. Prior to discharge, the clinician at the participating facilities will complete the PictureRx VMS for the resident. They will then provide an education session for the patient-family team. Prior to leaving the facility the patient and family member will be given multiple copies of the VMS both for personal use and to share with the individuals’ primary care physician at their follow up appointments. 

Click HERE to view Quality Partner’s Enhancing Medication Safety through Picture RX powerpoint.


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