Always Events: Anne Arundel Medical Center

Organization: Anne Arundel Medical Center Principal Investigator(s): Sherry B. Perkins, PhD, RN and Mitchell Schwartz, MD
Project Title: The SMART Discharge Protocol 

Always Event(s): Always provide the patient with a SMART discharge process.  With the involvement of patients and families providers will develop a simple, universal, 5 item checklist as a SMART Discharge ProtocolSM. (SMART is an acronym for: Signs, Medications, Appointments, Results, and Talk with me.) Providers will build on current evidence; create urgency and expectation for use with patients, families, and caregivers; disseminate findings, and promote as a national standard.

Overview: Develop with patients and families a universal SDP as a discharge Always Event. The SDP includes: 1) The SDP process that results in a written plan—SMARTtool, 2) Curriculum for patients, families, staff: Process for using SMARTtool throughout stay as Worksheet and at discharge as a Checklist, 3) Patient access to inpatient/ambulatory records. This initiative will be implemented on three units (surgery, medicine, obstetrics) to demonstrate universality.

Click here to download the SMART Discharge Worksheet

Click here to view SMART Discharge Protocol FAQ’s

Click here to download the SMART Discharge Protocol Powerpoint

SMART Discharge Self Learning Packet



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