University of Maryland: Empowering Patients to Optimize Their Medication Regimens

Empowering Patients to Optimize Their Medication Regimens: A multidisciplinary approach

Empowering Patients to Optimize Their Medication Regimens:
A multidisciplinary approach

Organization: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Principal Investigator: Susan D. Wolfsthal, MD

Always Events:
1) The patient will always feel safe expressing his/her values, preferences, and needs to the HCP so that the care plan aligns with the patient’s psychological framework.2) The patient must always receive care that emanates from an integrated care plan developed through an interdisciplinary approach.3) The patient must always be informed of and understand the benefits, potential side effects, cost and effective alternatives to treating and preventing illness.4) The patient must always be relieved of fear and anxiety by providing an environment where the practitioners listen without judgment or prejudice.

Overview:This initiative will provide residents with skills in assessing their continuity patients’ barriers and adherence with medication use. Residents will gain knowledge through a series of seminars and evaluate their own clinical practice through a practice based learning (PBL) exercise. Through an interdisciplinary partnership with a clinical pharmacist, residents will utilize existing resources to assist patients to cope with increasing economic pressures. Development of a self-efficacy process, a patient-centered evaluation instrument, and a PBL exercise dealing with medication and financial issues will provide enduring materials for the residency program. Through a process of self-analysis, residents will reflect on the humanistic aspects of caring for diverse patients with complex medication needs in the face of economic hardship. It is anticipated that residents will utilize the principles learned to enhance health care delivery in future patient encounters.

Practice Based Learning Chart Review Exercise

Patient Feedback Questionnaire

Resident Competency Evaluation

Evaluation: Post-Completion of Practice Based Learning Exercise

Clinician Assessment


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