Mount Sinai Medical Center: Project PARIS

Project: Project PARIS
(Parents and Residents In Session)
Principal Investigator: Joel Forman, MD
Organization: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Always Event: This intervention will allow for the development of a core set of AE (key points to focus on when providing PFCC).

Overview: Implement and test a novel approach to teach pediatric residents about patient and family-centered care (PFCC). The approach calls for a supervised meeting between a family member of a previously hospitalized child and a resident in the context of a pediatric residency rotation (behavioral and developmental pediatrics). For this “proof-of-concept” phase, meetings will be conducted with all pediatric residents in our institution. The meeting is standardized and is supplemented by a discussion with a faculty member. At the end of this study, we expect to have the following: 1. To have developed and modified a manual containing a list of core required content and procedural guidance; 2. A checklist that can be used to evaluate such encounters based on the above; 3. Data about the effect of the intervention on the following: a.Trainees’ knowledge of PFCC, b. Parents’ acceptance of PFCC, c. Implementation of PFCC in the institution, d. Influence of the intervention on a standard measurement of patient care.

 Project PARIS curriculum manual


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