My Story: University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital

My Story: University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital

Organization/Institution: University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s
Principal Investigator(s): Cheristi Cognetta-Rieke, RN
Project Title: My Story 

Always Event(s): Upon every admission and transition in care a questionnaire-based interview will occur between the intake nurse, the patient and the patient’s family or friends.  The interview will specifically focus on the personality and interests of the patient, such as hobbies, nicknames, pets, and special interests.  The “story” of each individual patient will be used as a consistent approach to involving the child in the delivery of patient care.

Overview: Development and implementation of a multifaceted intervention, MyStory, to have all care interactions with children begin with a meaningful conversation between care providers, patients, and families. MyStory will capture the patients’ values, preferences, and expressed needs, and document it where it can be viewed and used by all care team members. Implementing MyStory as an Always Event as children are admitted to the hospital will ensure we capture the “story” of each child and use the information to involve children in care decisions and care planning. The MyStory application will be built into the electronic medical record that is used throughout our system of hospitals and clinics. It will be designed by a project team that includes nurse managers, a bedside nurse, the organizational development manager, child family life staff, a member of the Patient and Family Centered Care Task Force, a child from the Kids Council, and parents from the Parent Advisory Board. Adaptation will be lead by MyStory Champions, chosen from each of the inpatient departments. A MyStory kick-off event will be held to gain buy-in and excitement. Education will be developed and delivered to more than 500 direct care interprofessional staff.

MyStory Poster

MyStory Tool

MyStory Champion Commitment

My Story Education Module


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