Team Up for Health: Northeast Valley Health Coorporation Tools and Strategies

Team Up for Health!: Northeast Valley Health Coorporation

Organization/Institution: Northeast Valley Health Corporation
Principal Investigator(s): Jesse Saunders, MD
Project Title: Team Up for Health 

Always Event(s): Always help prepare our patients for their office visits through the Making the Most of Your Visit form. Spread utilization of the MMV tool from the pilot site to all 7 of their primary health clinics. Patients complete the form while in the waiting room prior to each visit. The 2 questions are: 1) How am I managing my health; 2) What do I want to ask my doctor today.

Overview: The MMV tool is designed to be completed by patients in the waiting room prior to each visit, asking, 1) “how am I managing my health?” and 2) “What do I want to ask my doctor today?” The tool is then brought into the exam room with the patient and discussed with the provider. 3 NEVHC staff members are certified to facilitate 4 hour workshops that will teach providers and support staff communication skills and techniques that have been proven to increase positive patient behavior change. Combined with the utilization of the MMV tool, these skills and techniques have demonstrated to greatly assist providers in initiating a conversation with patients regarding their health, thus helping lay the foundation for a true patient-provider partnership. In order to ensure the Always Event is properly executed, this initiative will implement 8 four-hour Choice and Change workshops. These workshops will give providers and staff the skills necessary to effectively listen and communicate with their patients, as well as how to fully utilize the MMV tool. Patient surveys will be distributed to 70 randomly selected adult patients, 18+ years of age, per quarter across our six targeted sites. Surveys will assess effectiveness of the intervention program, including the effectiveness of the MMV tool.

 Making the Most of My Visit (MMV)



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